Incorporate your company in 3 clicks
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July 24, 2023

We understand that incorporating a company in Singapore can be confusing and difficult. Too many paperwork, incomplete documents, complicated pricing structure and hidden costs are common struggles when it comes to incorporation of a company.

To simplify things, we’ve come up with the 3-click approach – the easiest way for online company incorporation! Here’s how to incorporate online with Myco.


The 1st Click

Enter your chosen company name here. If one is available, simply clickon the type of registration you are proceeding with, whether as a local or a foreigner.


The “Half-way-there” Click

You’re almost there. Verify and authenticate your identity with SingPass, where the platform will retrieve all relevant documents securely – all without the need for manually entering them! Once you have logged into SingPass, click “AGREE”.


The “I-got-my-company-incorporation-online” Click

The last click for your online company formation! Save yourself the trouble of logging into your internet banking and pay securely with Stripe, one of the most reliable and secure payment gateways in Singapore, once all your necessary data is gathered. At the payment page, simply click “Proceed” and you’re all set! Documents will be generated within the hour and automatically sent to relevant for their e-signatures.

Once all stakeholders have signed, your incorporated company will be setup and go live within the day. Now that’s what we call online company incorporation made easy. Find out more about our incorporation service here.

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