Do you find your company constantly tripping over with administrative and compliance matters? Poor internal controls and processes and constantly having to add more staff to cope? Streamline your processes to keep your company lean and humming. We provide advisory, outsourcing services, labour permits and passes, and other business supports such as trademarks, grants and schemes, legal contracts and agreements, business licences and IT implementations.  


Outsource your Payroll function to us, no more fines for late CPF payments, wrong computation of salary payments or missed filing of tax clearance for foreign employees. Entrust us to take care of them for you whilst you maintain absolute control.

  • Monthly salary payments and deductions
  • Payment arrangments
  • Reimbursements
  • Salary calculation for joiners and leavers
  • Auto Inclusion submissions
  • Tax clearance for departing foreign employees


Our immigration specialist caters to your immigration needs either for yourself or your family. We will follow up end to end till the completion of the application or appeal.

  • Advice on the application of Employment pass
  • Application for Employment pass
  • Informed status of your application process
  • Reply to MOM’s queries if any
  • Upon In-principal approval ensuring the issuance of your pass
  • Filing an appeal in the event of a failed application

Company & Business Valuations and Financial Due Diligence

Whether you’re selling shares in your company or you wish to invest in a company, whether you are a lender or in negotiations in Mergers or acquisitions, knowing the intrinsic valuation of a company is important. There are many ways to look at how much a Company is worth but it is equally important to establish a baseline on how much the company is worth today. Having a in-depth analysis into the Balance sheet as well as the earnings and understanding the transactions involved will give you a clearer set of data before you engage in investing. We also look into the internal on-goings of the Company in terms or transactions, governance or risks, depending on the scope and the needs that you would like us to engage in. Talk to us and find out how you can be better informed today. We also provide other scope of services to support you. Get in touch with us today to see how we can assist you. Other services include –

  • Business Licences
  • Grants & Schemes
  • Trademarks
  • Legal contract & Agreements
  • IT Solutions
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