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We’ve helped countless clients integrate their operations seamlessly, so much so we’ve become somewhat of an expert in business integration. From handling sales through Point of Sales systems or ecommerce platforms to managing your inventory, order fulfillment all the way through to data integration into your accounting software for up to the minute reports, payroll management and routine reporting to CPF, ACRA and IRAS. Rid yourself of time consuming operational and administrative issues and concentrate on developing, strategizing and growing your business, which must be what you should be focusing on. And don’t be mistaken, we’ve implemented for the small solo-preneurs to mid to large size companies. No one’s too small or too big, the partners which we work with are experts in the own right and their platforms are scalable across the range to suit each companies’ size and requirements.

For the little person to the big people, we’ve integrated operations for the small to the big.

We work with professional partners who have established track records and excellent product support. We help you integrate them to a perfect operational and data flow. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you. We have complete service packages to help you kick start.
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Whether you are selling on ecommerce platforms or point of sales systems, or simply cutting invoices from your accounting software, we have the platform to suit your need. Get insights into your sales real time, no more waiting for your accounts to be finalized to know your sales figures or guessing whether you have met your targets. What’s best is that most of our partners are available on your mobile, so you can have access to your sales data anytime, anywhere.

Stop wasting time on matters that do not generate profits for you.


Inventory Management

From simple inventory management to complex tracking across multiple warehouses or sites, you can seamlessly integrate your inventory with your sales to your accounts. Once sales is conducted, your stock levels are updated instantaneously and your accounting entries processed for both sales as well as inventory. No more double work or backlog of administrative work. Everything is done seamlessly as your concentrate on your business, and best of all, up to date information is available literally in your hands, wherever you are.


Order Fulfillment

Having issues with your deliveries. Backlog of orders, customer complaints on failed deliveries, customers chasing you with calls? Our partners come from large multi-national logistic companies and have years of experiences in managing deliveries, shipments and warehousing needs. Simply plug your business into their network, no heavy capital investments, no dealing with manpower issues.



Compliant with CPF and IRAS, our payroll partner provides easy headcount management. Salary and CPF calculations, mandatory payslips, IR8As or IR21s to leave application and tracking, all within an easy to use HR platform.


Cloud Accounting

And of course where our expertise come in, all these platforms are integrated into your accounting software, giving you almost real time accounts, instead of having to wait for your accounts to be completed before having access to your financial statements. Get access to management reports detailing the health of your company, the amount of receviables your customer owes you, and likewise what are your outstanding amounts owing to your suppliers. We partner with 2 of the world’s most reliable cloud accounting softwares, Quickbooks and Xero to provide you the assurance in terms of security and functionality. Contact us today to find out more on how we can integrate your business effectively without the heavy costs!
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