Incorporate on-demand, quick and easy without fuss:

It is important to start off the right way with proper documentation to safeguard your rights and protect your share of the company to avoid disputes down the road. You also would want to be in compliance with the respective authorities. For the uninitiated, incorporating a company maybe daunting. But we’ll take the guesswork out of everything, and make setting up in a snap
  1. Register an account with us, provide us your details via Singpass
  2. For foreigners, verify your identity biometrically with your passport (no need for physical attendance)
  3. Incorporation documents are generated instantly and sent out to all stakeholders in your company
  4. All stakeholders are to sign on the incorporation document, which is done via Docusign remotely and instantly - no emailing, no printing, no scanning!
  5. That’s it – once we have back your signed documents, your company can be live as quick as within a business day.

Singapore-incorporated companies requirements

At least 1 local director, who can either be a Citizen or a permanent resident

Minimum share capital of SGD1

Minimum number of shares 1

100% foreign shareholding is allowed

Appointment of a Company secretary to fulfil the company’s compliance matters as well as to maintain resolutions, registers and minute books for the company

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