Our experienced Corporate Secretary will ensure that your company is always in compliance. With our in-house client practice management software, we’re able to keep our clients due dates in check and inform you of any impending dues. Avoid penalties, late fees and summons. We provide a complete suite from company strike offs to winding down of companies, get in touch with us today!

Our Role

As your corporate secretary, our roles include the following –
    • To act of a natural person as the secretary of the Company;
    • To ensure that the company’s dues are on time and in compliance;
    • To safe-keep the statutory books and registers as required by the Singapore Companies Act, Cap.50;
    • To prepare annual returns as required by the Singapore Companies Act, Cap.50;
    • Preparation of Annual General Meeting Minutes;
    • To assist in completing and filing the statutory returns with the Registrar of Companies.

Board and Members’ Resolutions

Apart from the usual AGM and Annual returns, we cater to your ad hoc needs as well for Board and General meetings. Quick, responsive and hassle free, our Corporate Secretary is on hand to assist in all your meeting needs.

Nominee Directors

All incorporations require at least 1 local resident director (Singapore citizen, PR). We provide our overseas clients with a qualified nominee director.

Bank Account Opening

We work with a number of banks and their relationship managers. Should you require to open a bank account, we can arrange for them to meet you at your time and place of convenience or at our office to complete your incorporation matters on the spot. No more queuing at bank branches.

Compliance Report / Directors’ Report

Allow us to complete end to end with the preparation of the Directors report as well as XBRL accounts for your Annual Returns and Tax Returns.
  • To prepare the jobs of the Company’s accounts in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, Cap. 50, and in compliance with the requirements of Singapore Financial Reporting Standards;
  • To perform Compliance report in accordance with the information provided to us for the purpose of annual return and tax return filing.
  • XBRL accounts and filing

Striking Off

The easiest and most economical way to exit and close a Company. Suitable for small companies with no existing assets or liabilities and any prevailing litigation.
  • Preparation of final financial statements
  • Preparation of members’ meeting to approve the strike off
  • Application to ACRA for the strike off
  • No objection received, the Company will proceed to be struck off the Register.


There are 3 forms of liquidation. Members Voluntary (Solvent); Creditors’ Voluntary (Insolvent); Compulsory (Insolvent) on a Court Order.

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